Which country should I target for MBA scholarships, Canada or Australia?


Which universities there might offer very generous tuition scholarships?


There are plenty of scholarships for doing an MBA in either countries.Most of the top Universities in Australia offer generous scholarships for international students.However, the scholarships that I have seen are all from Australian Universities. But I’m sure there will be scholarships offered by Canadian Universities as well.


Hello Franklin, kindly share the ones you have seen so far. I am yet to even see any scholarship offer for MBAs


Could you share links to these scholarships, Franklin?


I think there are about 5 being offered by the University of Sydney: https://sydney.edu.au/business/study/mba/part-time-mba.html

Here is another: https://scholarships.curtin.edu.au/

and this: http://www.anu.edu.au/students/scholarships-fees/scholarships/research-school-of-management-master-of-business

I think there are many more. These are the ones I could quickly find.