What are the benefits of skipping a masters degree and going straight for a PhD?


A PhD without a masters degree


It is viable to go straight for a PhD, and there are pros and cons.

Pros of going straight for a PhD

  1. Less time spent (about two years?).
  2. Don’t have to go through the process of defending your Masters thesis
  3. Your resume would tell an interested and somewhat unusual story

Cons of going straight for a PhD

  1. Someone I know who went through the PhD program talked about the competitiveness of academia and how students in a program have to work together. Being the less experienced person in the group may be tough, perhaps initially
  2. Masters can be a good preparatory experience for PhD candidates. There are going to be alot of reading and writing at a certain proficiency level, and going straight from undergrad can be overwhelming
  3. More experienced students (with a stronger network in academia) may be able to find summer jobs easier and get better support from the faculty