How do you find a good study abroad program?


Things to know about studying abroad


Finding the right study abroad program for you can seem overwhelming at times. If you attend a college or university make an appointment with a study abroad advisor they will be able to recommend programs in line with your interests. If none of the programs they suggest jump out at you do not settle for a program do research on your own.There are many websites to help you find a program that is right for you.

When you have narrowed the search down to a few programs contact the program providers with as many questions about your program as you can think of. Also, ask them for contact information for students who have gone on the program you are interested in.


First you need to ask yourself what you want to get out of your study abroad experience! Once you have identified your goals (language learning, traveling, immersion, adventure, partying, etc) then you can whittle down your ideal destinations. Be PICKY when choosing a program - if you don’t feel like doing a homestay, don’t sign up for a program that only offers this type of accommodation.

There are so many wonderful study abroad programs out there it is just a matter of navigating your way through them all until you find the one that will give you the adventure that fits your needs/goals/budget. Feel confident knowing no matter where you go you are probably going to have a fantastic experience.